With many years’ experience in the world of internet service providers, Eldama offers unique and custom-made internet connectivity and network solutions for corporate customers. We understand connectivity, traffic prioritisation and how to build out a network in the right way. As an aggregator, we do not own any infrastructure but we have partnerships with all major ISPs in the country. We therefore choose the providers that give you the best service.

Network Solutions

  1. Eldama Connect – Internet Connectivity & Point to Point Connectivity
  2. Wide Area Networks
  3. MPLS & SD-WAN Optimisation
  4. Managed Connectivity

Eldama’s Value Proposition

Licensed by the Communications Authority of Kenya, Eldama does not own infrastructure, but instead buys from all the major players. With our relationships with these providers and the business we give them, we are able to negotiate preferential rates and then oversee your service from a single or from multiple providers. By being independent, we ensure your provider is offering reliability and excellent service. If they fail to do so, we work with them to fix the issue. If the issue can’t be fixed, we oversee moving to another provider who can deliver what you need. As independent party, we notice and resolve any blame game between multiple providers blaming each other for issues in your network – Eldama takes responsibility and resolves the problem, allowing your team to focus on your core business.

Eldama Connect

If you require either pure internet connectivity or point to point links or indeed both, Eldama will find the best solution for you – an internet solution that’s reliable and affordable. We also manage your first line customer support in case of any issues.

Wide Area Networks

If you require a computer network across different regions of Kenya or even East Africa, we build it for you. With many years’ experience, Eldama takes  into consideration redundancy, uptime, service and cost, building a reliable and efficient wide area network (WAN). We will talk to all the providers on your behalf, build the solution and manage it for you.

Eldama MPLS and SD-WAN

Do you need more advanced services on your wide area network (WAN)? Eldama will design this according to  your needs, implement it and manage it. This way, you never have to deal directly with the internet service providers as we take control of your network solution on your behalf. You can choose to run a multi protocol label switching (MPLS) network or deploy the more and more popular, more flexible SD-WAN, the software defined wide area network. Eldama will show you the benefits of both MPLS and SD-WAN and recommend which one best suits your needs. We then design and manage the network solution for you. So you can concentrate on your core business and consider your ICT network solution done.

Benefits of Eldama Connectivity Network Solutions

  • Independent provider with no infrastructure – we therefore choose the best provider for the job
  • Full customer service desk
  • Full ticketing system for accountability and problem tracking
  • Excellent relationships with all major internet service providers
  • Account managers to help you enhance your solutions
  • Competitive pricing

ICT Network Solutions: Why choose SD-WAN?

Today, most advanced customers use MPLS to prioritise traffic on their network. A key benefit: When an application in a data centre or location fails, MPLS will automatically reroute the traffic to the secondary or backup site without any intervention from a user or indeed from the IT team. However, MPLS has a few flaws, the key one being that most customers engage with a single provider for all connectivity on their MPLS network. If that provider is good at 90% of the sites, then the 10% will suffer. Cross provider MPLS is notoriously difficult to deploy and involves providers talking to each other and setting it up, something that is complex and at times slow.

SD-WAN gives the customer or their SD-WAN partner the power to manage their traffic prioritisation as well as deploy their solution of multiple providers using multiple technologies. Using MPLS with a single vendor means that you are very tied in with that provider, good or bad. By moving to SD-WAN you can do all the things that MPLS can do but you can also provide the service over multiple providers using multiple technologies. If you wish to have a link on satellite or one on a GSM modem, SD-WAN can cater for that as all services are managed by the end devices at the customer site. A provider isn’t giving you good service? They can be replaced without any complexity. Lastly, SD-WAN links should be at normal internet link prices and not at the higher MPLS prices that exist today.

Contact Eldama for more information on our network solutions to help you run more efficient networks with a neutral and independent partner.