Remote IT


Gone are the days when someone needs to get in a car and drive to your office or your home office to sort out an IT problem you are experiencing. With Eldama’s remote IT support, our experts log into your laptop remotely and solve the IT problem instantly.


Employees working from home will be catered for as well, giving you remote support to multiple different locations.

Service Offering: Remote IT support

Eldama’s Remote Management & Monitoring (RMM) tool gives us remote access into your PC or laptop to fix any problems that you might experience. It is secure because we only have access when you give us access. The user must allow us access when they are in need of support, protecting your data integrity.


Additionally, our RMM solution

  • gives you information about the health of your machine,
  • can update software with its patch management tool and
  • manage applications on devices to ensure the right software is installed at all times.


All of these services are centrally managed giving you an excellent dashboard view of all your company machines.

How does

Remote IT



We install our secure agent on each device that you own. We are locked out of your device until you need help and your user opens up access to us. Our support team then remotely login to the device and resolve the problem.


Our system also generates reports across all your devices so you can see which devices need upgrading, which are running the right software versions, and which have issues that need resolution. Unauthorised applications can also be identified and remotely removed, further protecting your environment.

Finally, our own admin security means that our teams use multifactor authentication to log in before they access your machines, ensuring that we give you excellent security.

Managed IT Support

With our full support package, we offer unlimited remote IT support for your users during working hours.

Work from Home IT Support

Our Work from Home package includes one hour of remote IT support per user per month, to cater for your employees in home office. Some users don’t need much support, while others need more, and we therefore accumulate your hours required and share them across your users. If you have ten users, you have ten hours which can be used up on a first come first served basis by any of your users.

Optional Extras

  • Onsite support by providing a person in your offices. This can be partial days during the week or a full-time position.
  • 24×7 support. As an add-on, we can provide you with round the clock support from our team.


Call us today or email us for more information on these excellent remote IT support offerings to give you peace of mind.