Eldama’s Platinum Cloud solution offers clients a complete outsourced solution for their IT needs. Platinum Cloud leverages the Office 365 platform for user authentication, email, messaging and your Office suite of products, together with secure cloud-based file sharing and collaboration using SharePoint.

product description

The solution delivers seamless and integrated access to your files and folders from any location with an internet connection and enables users to collaborate from disparate locations and greatly simplifies your IT requirements as no physical servers are required on your premises. We also take care of your key security needs with a managed firewall in your office, endpoint antivirus, offsite backup, with a combination of on-site and remote support.


The solution is assembled with the following components:

• Microsoft O365 –forms the core of the solution.

• User Identity and access management – gives us the ability to authenticate and provide security policies for users in the cloud.

• End-point device management – full end-user management and protection which includes software deployment, managed security updates, device management and Group Policy Deployment – all without the need for an onsite server.

• Security Solutions Provided:

1. A managed firewall to protect your Local Area Network.

2. Our centrally managed market leading anti-virus tool which uses Machine Learning through Behavioural Analysis to protect against known and unknown malware threats.

3. Offsite backup of 20Gb per user.


1. Total peace of mind as all your IT needs are cared for – support, solution and strategic advice.

2. No in office server and associated capex and management required.

3. All key security needs included.

4. Greatly simplified internal network requirements.

5. “Core” data available from any location.

6. Enables true team collaboration.

7. Cost effective and seamless.