A security audit evaluation is a great way for your organization to establish where your weaknesses lie in your IT infrastructure and also to determine your cyber-attack vulnerabilities. Eldama  Technologies has been carrying out CTAPs (Cyber Threat Assessment) since 2016 and have identified, highlighted and provided solutions for many customers in Kenya.

We offer two levels of Security Audit – Basic and Advanced which cover all the main areas of your
environment to tell you where your potential issues are, what areas your need to focus on tighten up and also help you to plan your cyber protection. From a business point of view, this means that you can also give your suppliers and customers the comfort that your own data protection is up to date and well managed, giving them more confidence in your company.

Which Audit
Should I

Basic – is right for you if you want to ensure that the basic security items are in place for all the main
systems such as email, end devices (PCs and servers), firewalls, antivirus, remote access and other basic vulnerabilities.

Advanced – is right for you if you want a more robust analysis of your environment which includes items such as switches and locking down unused ports, analysis of your password policies and a review of your data recovery policies and other general security policies that exist.

What do you get
when Eldama has
completed the Audit?

You will receive a full report indicating what we’ve analysed, whether each item is up to standard and in cases where we feel it is not up to standard, we will provide you with;

Security Audit

We examine and review your public facing devices (routers and firewalls), your end  devices, general security policies and procedures, compliance as well as network access from both outside and inside to give you a full view of your current security readiness.  Our report will highlight for you areas where you are doing well and areas that need focus.  The report also categorises the risks and highlights the critical areas that you need to address.