Email remains the Number 1 attack vector with 91% of attacks starting with a phishing email.

Most common security systems use “known” threats to stop attacks. More attacks today are socially engineered to specifically target individual companies. Those attacks will unlikely be caught by “known” threats databases.

Firewalls in offices protect users working inside the office. Mimecast protects all emails irrespective of the user location, offering “on the road” protection for all emails by:• Targeted Threat Protection (URL, Attachment, Impersonation, Internal Emails)

• Secure Gateway ‐ (Anti‐virus /Malware, Anti‐Spam, Reputation Analysis)

• Secure Messaging and Encryption

• Data Leak Prevention

• Secure Large File SharingThe Mimecast cloud‐based service means always‐on, always up‐to‐date protection without the complexity and cost of traditional offerings. Added benefits of email cloud services provided by Mimecast include flexible and granular email security controls.


URL real time checking – click on a link in an email and it goes via Mimecast who instantaneously validate that the link is okay and not malicious.

Email Attachment checking – real time verification that attachments on inbound emails are safe by sandboxing them and checking for any time delayed, malicious code.

Impersonation Attacks – by validating domain names, similar email addresses and others.

Internal Emails – similarly stringent security checks on internal emails as an optional extra.


• Advanced protection against spear‐phishing and other sophisticated attacks.

• Greater visibility and control for consistently and quickly applying policies across the organization.

• A single cloud platform simplifying email security.

• Threat intelligence that updates instantly and automatically.

• Control over sensitive data to protect against leaks.