Eldama Cloud Backup, powered by world leading Offsite Data Backup, provides organizations with automated data protection via backup to a secure central location. Unifying backup, disaster recovery and archiving, Offsite Data Backup removes the complexity that surrounds data protection whilst delivering the agility and insight that businesses need to thrive in today’s data driven environment.


The software primarily focuses on security, reliability, ease of use and virtualization. Offsite Data Backup uses FIPS‐compliant Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption for backup security, which ensures that Offsite Data Backup software can be trusted to provide exceptional backup solutions. The software is installed on servers and, where appropriate, on desktops and laptops that automatically schedules and backs up your data into a secure data center in Europe.


• No CAPEX required.

• Reliable Automated Backup Scheduling, thereby eliminating any human error.Unlike on‐site tape backup, Eldama Cloud Backup happens seamlessly and automatically with no human intervention.

• Secure Backup & Storage using AES.

• Offsite Storage to Data Centres in the UK (Bournemouth & Gosport).

• Scalable & Flexible – Pay as you grow model.

• GDPR Compliant ‐ EU directive meant to better protect customer information throughout the European Union and create a better system of responsibility for data breaches.

• Central Management for Administrators – Easy to deploy, use and manage.

• Rapid Backups & Restores ‐ The process of restoring data is mechanized and straightforward.


Competitive Pricing ‐ Eldama cloud backup offers you a fixed amount of data with no extra cost for device licenses for the lowest cost in the market for a reputable backup solution.

Ease of budgeting ‐ With a fixed amount of data for which you budget, you pay a single monthly price which only increases if your backup increases.

Ease of management ‐ Should you need to increase or decrease your backup limits, this can be done quickly and easily.


Customers are automatically notified of success and failures of the backup sessions.

Eldama provides round‐the clock support for any reported issues both proactively and reactively.