Continuity and Disaster

Recovery Solutions

Data is the lifeblood of your business. Without access to your critical files, application data, and even entire servers, you’re … out of business. Only 6% of companies without a disaster recovery plan survive a disaster.

What about all those Software as a Service applications you’ve implemented? They’re in the cloud, so they should be fine, right? Well, not really. Sharing files with Google Drive is great, but what if you delete an employee? Their content is no longer available. For that reason, some companies will pay to leave old employees’ accounts in place, which is expensive and a potential security risk. The solution to this dilemma? Back up the data to Datto’s cloud, delete the employee account, then restore the content to a current user.

Less cash out of your pocket, and no security holes.


• Physical or Virtual servers

• Network-based Data

• Cloud-based SaaS Data

Store data with one of the following solutions:

Datto Appliance

Datto Virtual Appliance

Datto Network Attached Storage (NAS) device

In the Datto Cloud


• Windows

• Linux

• Mac

Solution Array


Data backup, recovery and business continuity
for local, virtual and cloud environments, within
a single platform. SIRIS is the leading BC/DR
platform for businesses.


Datto ALTO is the only continuity solution
designed specifically for small business. Using
image-based backup and a hybrid cloud model,
ALTO delivers enterprise-grade functionality at
a small business price.


Data backup, recovery and business continuity
for local, virtual, and Cloud environments, within
a single platform. Keep every file safe and
accessible with Datto Network Attached
Storage (NAS).


Cloud-based SaaS Backup Backupify ensures
business-critical data is always backed up
seamlessly, restored quickly and protected
securely, giving companies more authority to
manage and own their data.


• Datto’s Data Continuity Platform provides an end to end solution enabling you to back up servers and NAS storage locally, then ensure full protection by replicating the backup content to Datto’s highly secure Cloud.

• For popular SaaS applications with data already in the Cloud, Datto Backupify allows complete control over protecting and accessing critical content.

• Easy restores for single files by searching though version history to restore just the right one.

• Quick and easy restore of whole servers by bringing up a Virtual copy on site with the Datto SIRIS device.

• Virtualize entire critical business infrastructure in the Datto Cloud

• Granular restore options as backup is done as frequently as every five minutes

• OPEX based monthly service fee for ongoing service contract and allows you to plan your budget with a lot less pain in the pocket.

• 24/7/365 Team availability and especially during Disasters large and small.