As the global cloud market continues to grow at a steady pace, cloud contact center solutions also remain a robust tool for delivering superior customer experiences. Indeed, a Forrester report prediction indicates that the global cloud market will reach $146 billion this year and $236 billion by 2020. With the promise of greater scalability, improved efficiency, and lower costs to companies, cloud solutions are an ideal choice for businesses looking to optimize their customer service practices with maximum efficiency.

Eldama’s Hosted PBX customer service module offers corporations the sort of contact center solutions usually enjoyed by the largest companies for a low per user monthly price. The customer service module can be seamlessly added on to the core PBX solution where required.

What are the Benefits?

No capex – as with the core PBX solution itself (with the exception of handsets) there is no capex required for use of the solution.

Reduced costs – Our solutions may be upgraded inexpensively, allowing contact centers to integrate platforms and lower costs by using a pay‐as‐you‐go consumption model and test the solution first with a free trial.

Enhanced security ‐ When outages occur due to natural disasters or any other disruptive events, on‐ premises solutions are usually not well equipped to handle them, and business workflow is impacted.

Superior customer experiences ‐ Customers will notice and appreciate the efficiency of a business that handles their cases with ease and saves them time. Agents also feel empowered when they are able to work under versatile conditions that drive their efficiency, enabling them to deliver greater customer experiences.

Greater scalability ‐ When contact centers experience a larger volume of cases than usual (such as during peak holiday periods), additional agents may be employed as needed to keep up with demand, allowing for unlimited scalability.