Simple sharing and

Seamless Collaboration

An online document management system where companies can store their documents, share them and allow authorized users to jointly modify them It can also be used to automate processes within an organization to make the organization more efficient.

Sharepoint can be used to manage both internal and user access to documents allowing interaction and access to content for third parties. For easy search and document access, it also offers enterprise search across your portal.

Key Benefits

Online cloud storage of data within the Microsoft cloud which is backed in multiple locations

Collaboration and co-authoring of documents including tracking of which users made what changes, all at the same time on the same live document

Automation of processes with approval matrices available for multilevel authorizations.

Easy information access.

Storage savings where commonly shared documents sit centrally rather than each user keeping their own copy, reducing storage requirements

Document control including document versioning to ensure all users are working on the current document

Business Intelligence (BI) can be added on to provide more information and improve decision making

No Capex required

Security including access permisssions to documents to protect confidential information

Document version control– easy recovery of old document versions in the event that they get lost or deleted

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