As business environments change, so does the way we communicate. Telephone service is becoming much more than a dial tone. Customers are demanding extensive features such as the ability to transition seamlessly between desk phone and mobile. Traditionally, these features are extremely expensive for an on‐premises phone system.These costly systems require dedicated data center space, endless equipment, overpriced desk phones, and extensive wiring to connect to the local carrier. It is easy to see why organizations are switching to cloud-based PBX to eliminate on‐site hardware and maintenance.


• No Capex investment except handsets

• Existing LAN infrastructure utilized to connect phones

• Easy and low‐cost way to scale users

• Flat monthly fee per extension for the service (calls are billed on usage)

• Full PBX functionality included; Auto Attendant / IVR, Conference Calls, Voice Mail, Soft Phones e.g. Mobile App, DID (Direct Inward Dialling) with an E1, Find me Follow me service, Call Waiting with Queuing and more.


• A reliable Internet Connection

• A Network in your office to plug in IP Phone

• No other Hardware required


Savings can be up to 75% compared to buying your own PBX with significantly more functionality. In essence, the cost of the service will probably be similar to the cost rental of Telkom lines with no capex for the PBX.