As Cyberattacks get more complex and advanced, leading antivirus solutions have evolved to allow additional protection over and above the norm on “known” viruses and provide more intelligent solutions. Endpoint Antivirus represents one of the leaders in advanced protection and;

• has been in operation since 1997,

• first deployed Machine Learning in 2007 and

• in 2011 became the first fully cloud‐based cybersecurity company.

service offering

Endpoint Antivirus classifies and scores 95% of the Internet 3 times per day, giving it massive intelligence on what traffic is traversing the Internet and uses that information to protect your PC’s.

how this works

Unlike traditional Anti‐Virus programs which use a signature list of “known” viruses, Endpoint Antivirus uses Machine Learning through Behavioural Analysis to identify whether something is acting like a virus or malicious code. This means that a new and unknown virus is much more likely to be picked up by Endpoint Antivirus as it will act in a similar way to other viruses and get blocked by Endpoint Antivirus. This solution is more Pro‐active rather than Reactive.

Traditional Anti‐Virus Programs

Large file on user PCs with “known” virus signatures, using up more storage spaceover time

Unknown viruses are not caught

“Known” viruses only are caught. If unknown, they will not be caught

why choose Endpoint Antivirus for your end point anti-virus?

Endpoint Antivirus uses Behavioural Analysis to identify viruses and doesn’t rely on another user being infected first in order for you to get the virus signature and therefore get protection. Improved protection via Endpoint Antivirus will catch additional viruses due to their behaviour whether they are known or not. This is particularly helpful when targeted viruses are made specifically to target your company.

Endpoint Antivirus is trusted by over 40 global security vendors including Cisco, Fujitsu and Palo Alto, and others.